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17 students completed the first training program for patient leaders

On 17.09.2011, the Vice-President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) Kamen Kolev and the Deputy Minister of Health Kiril Dobrev presented certificates of professional qualifications for leaders of patient organizations.

Within half a year, the Centre for Vocational Training at BIA, at the request of the "New Leaders" Foundation held a special training program for leaders and experts of patient organizations. This happens for the first time as part of a global initiative to enhance the capacity of patients' organizations to participate actively in the dialogue on protecting the rights and interests of the patients.

"The new realities require new leaders", says Evgenia Adarska, President of the "New Leaders" Foundation. According to her, thus the patient movement will become more literate and will fit more effectively in the decision making processes of national importance.

The "New Leaders" program included training in organizational development, finance, law, fundraising, quality management, working with the media and others.

17 Presidents of patients NGOs and experts received certificates for the "Economist-manager" profession. Mental health professionals, experts dealing with the problems of cancer patients and people with maxillofacial abnormalities went through the program.