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32 patient leaders from 6 countries took part in a Regional Training in Belgrade

The “New Leaders” Foundation conducted a regional training for patient leaders and key experts from the Balkans and the region.

32 participants from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia took part in the Regional training. The training was held from 4th to 6th October 2013 in Belgrade.

“I admit, this training was a challenge for me. The training program has achieved great results in Bulgaria. We had concerns whether the design and the content of the training would be applicable to all the participants. I’m glad we’ve managed to achieve our main objectives. And we found some new friends and long-term partners, and that makes me even happier.” says Evgenia Adarska – President of the “New Leaders” Foundation.

For this training the “New Leaders” Foundation had set itself a goal to transfer their experience to a regional level, by presenting important topics and highlights of the development of patients’ organizations in other countries.

All of the speakers at the regional training were academics, and professionals in managing communications and fundraising. The content of the syllabus had been influenced by an online survey.

Within two days, we’ve discussed issues related to organizational development, marketing and fundraising, promoting the patient organizations’ performance and others.

Excellently organized training. The speakers were great and the information was presented in an accessible and understandable way. We found new friends, partners and shared experience as well.” says a patient leader after the training.

I think this was a good initial training for patients leaders. I look forward to the next one!” says another participant in a letter to us.