Leadership. Knowledge, skills and competencies for patient leaders and key experts.

Everything we’ve done together and individually for the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends and the National Patients' Organization over the last couple of years, we’ve achieved with the support of people valuable to us. 

But we have worked mostly by ourselves.

Thus, from patients and concerned citizens we had to become leaders, administrators, experts, and even narrow specialists.

This has proven to be a challenge as there are no universal fighters. We have succeeded.

That’s why we know that the most valuable thing in the development of the civil Patient movement is learning. Learning from the experience of others, learning from the difficulties, and rules created over time. For us every day is a day we learn something new. This is the recipe for a successful patient leader.

Another valuable lesson: Do not be afraid to say that you do not know.

Eugenia Adarska and Stanimir Hasardzhiev, Presidents of the "New Leaders"


32 patient leaders from 6 countries took part in a Regional Training in Belgrade

The “New Leaders” Foundation conducted a regional training for patient leaders and key experts from the Balkans and the region.


We are organizing a Regional training for patient leaders and key experts.

The "New Leaders" Foundation organizes a Regional training for representatives of patient organizations from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Bulgaria. (04-06.10.2013)


17 students completed the first training program for patient leaders

17 Presidents of patients NGOs and experts received certificates for the "Economist-manager" profession. Mental health professionals, experts dealing with the problems of cancer patients and people with maxillofacial abnormalities went through the progr

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