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The “New Leaders” Foundation – part of the International Capacity Building Alliance - ICBA

Our Mission

We are working on the development of professional communities in patient movement, providing accessible training and support for key leaders, experts and advocates.

Our Vision

The advocacy for the rights of patients goes through education, training and professionalization.

Our Values

Development - we believe that the patient movement evolves with the development of the potential of people working for it.

Education - we believe that education is the basis for effective advocacy for patients' rights.

Sharing experience - we believe that patient movement can only happen when all share their experiences and allow others to learn from this experiences.

Dialogue - we believe that the decisions for the key challenges facing the patient movement can only be made in dialogue and openness.

Inclusion - we believe that everyone has a role in protecting the rights of patients and advocacy regardless of educational and social status.

Our History

  • In 2009 Fundacao Instituto de Administracao (FIA), IGESC – Instituto Gestao Social – in Brazil in collaboration with Novartis have developed a project to transfer business school know-how to institutions that will apply this to build the capacity of patients groups in regions, such as Eastern Europe.
  • The first phase of the project consisted of a Seminar in Brazil (São Paulo end 2009), where participants invited from different Eastern European countries discussed the possibility of creation of an International Capacity Building Alliance (ICBA).
  • The first step of the local implementation of the Project in Bulgaria consisted of creation of local NGO - “The New Leaders” dedicated to capacity building and 2 days seminar for exploration of the level of development and the learning patterns among the patients groups leaders from 11 local patients groups (end 2009)
  • Based on the first step, a qualification course for PAG leaders was developed by the New Leaders Foundation, based on a curriculum for profession „Economist-manager” – 7 modules/548  classes.
  • The course was conducted end 2010 – 2011 and produced 17 graduates in September 2011.