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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The "New Leaders" Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization which was established to support the development of organizational and leadership expertise in patient movement.

We offer training and development opportunities for key experts and leaders who work to protect the rights of patients.

We have set ourselves the task to develop the potential of those involved in protecting the rights of the patients. We believe that no one can be a better advocate for the rights of patients than the patient himself.

Although we are patients, we believe that we must protect the rights of all people, not only the rights of the patients. We know that partnership is the key to dealing with the problems in the healthcare systems.

Regarding that, the "New Leaders" Foundation organizes Regional training for experts and leaders of patient organizations from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Bulgaria

The training will be held from 4 to 6 October 2013 in Beograd, Serbia. The training will be in Bulgarian with translation into Serbian.

Key topics:

  • Organizational development. Strategic planning. Why should NGOs operate as business companies? 
  • Functions of patient organization. Structure of the organization. How to turn the emotional motive into an organization?
  • Mediation, advocacy, lobbying. How to create a successful dialogue with the government and the businesses?
  • Work with the media. Promotion of the organization. How to develop a successful partnership with the media?

The training is practically oriented.

The trainers are experts in organizational development, marketing, PR and fundraising.

The knowledge acquired in the training, can be beneficial for both the participants and their organizations.

For more details: Programme, Speakers, Registration

See you there!

The team of the "New Leaders" Foundation